R. Kelly Bail Set at $1M After Being Charged With 10 Counts of Sex Abuse


IBexclusive News Saturday February 23, 2019.

(IBEXNews) - R. Kelly appeared in bond court Saturday, where Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke set Kelly's bond at $1 million, $250,000 for the four people he's charged with allegedly abusing.

The R&B star was indicted before a grand jury on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, involving four female minors, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx said at a press conference Friday.

A request for reduced bond was granted.

Additionally, Kelly must turn in his passport and cannot have contact with any of the alleged victims or anyone 18 years or younger. Some people who are believed to be victims named in the case were present for the hearing.

He is due back in court Feb. 25.

Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, said they were "very happy" with the bond and called it "fair and reasonable."

Kelly whose legal name is Robert Kelly, turned himself in to Chicago police at about 8:15 p.m. Friday, hours after the charges were announced.

Kelly saluted the crowd on the sidewalk as he left his West Side studio, single-file behind his attorney. His entourage popped up an umbrella, trying to guard the Grammy-winning artist as he climbed into a waiting black van, which then took off in a caravan to escort Kelly to CPD central booking.

There Kelly looked defiant, ignoring shouted questions about his fans, accusers and his alleged crimes. Though the singer remained silent as he entered the police station, his attorney called the allegations against him a "lie."

Foxx detailed the charges Friday afternoon. Three of the four victims were between the ages 13 and 17 when the alleged abuse occurred, with Kelly being more than five years older than the victims, Foxx said. The alleged abuse took place between September 1998 and January 2010. The indictment papers do not say where the alleged crimes took place.

Foxx referred to the victims by their initials. The first victim said she was abused four times, between May 26, 1998 and May 25, 1999. The second victim said she was abused twice, between Sept. 26, 1998 and Sept. 25, 2001. The third victim said she was abused on Feb. 18, 2003. The fourth victim said she was abuse three times, between May 1, 2009 and Jan. 31, 2010.

In the indictment, the prosecution addresses the question of the statute of limitations, which is likely to be raised by the defense. It describes how prosecutors can charge Kelly under Illinois law even though the alleged crimes occurred as much as two decades ago.

The indictment says in at least one instance, the abuse of a minor occurred between 1998 and 1999 but that it clearly fell within the 20-year charging window allowed under Illinois law. The 20-year period only begins, it says, after a victim turns 18.


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