Just How Good Is 'The Game of Thrones' Facial?

By                 Cecilio Leacock                    IBexclusive News Saturday, Aprl 7, 2018.

(IBEXNews) - It's been called the "Grandma Facial," the "Game of Thrones Facial," even the "Dragon Facial." I can tell you from experience -- you look like all three.

The enzyme facial has gained popularity in the beauty world for its immediate and long-lasting results.

So what is it that's temporarily turning you into a character from a horror film?

It's a mask made of freeze-dried human enzymes designed to force negative toxins out of your body through your skin.

The enzymes work with your lymphatic system to remove all of the toxins by back-flushing your capillaries.

The increase in blood flow gives your skin an all-natural nutrient boost and pumps fresh oxygen straight into your bloodstream.

The results? Tight, glowing skin in its best state.

This is not your average facial. It's at least an hour-long commitment -- and you won't be able to talk for a good portion of it.

I'm not kidding, that's how tight this mask gets, but it's well worth it.


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