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Welcome to the world, heart and eyes of IBExclusive. Created and founded by Cecilio Leacock, IBEXCLUSIVE has been designed and created to become a hub for ideas, entrepreneurs, products, news, entertainment and so much more. 

From the detail premise of IBEXCLUSIVE's direction to it's loyal infrastructure, it would like to be one day considered as a trustworthy source of information and merchandise for everyone around the globe. The privacy efforts are extreme and we protect all of our clients information with the upmost regard. 

IBEXCLUSIVE also reserves the right to partner with any other entity and create world wide relationships than can only grow through constant efforts to improve guaranteed customer service, the best consumer relations and shopping experience the world has to offer. 

Presently under the umbrella of IBEXCLUSIVE is a long standing, still strong and fighting label - Prop City Records. The dynamic, ground breaking style that comes out of the work of these artist, producers and engineers are incredible. Which is why it makes them a perfect fit for IBEXCLUSIVE. We encourage other labels and organizations to join us in globalizing our battered economys' with hopes to unify our narratives and generate hope within our ever evolving universe. 

Here at IBEXCLUSIVE we strive for greatness at no cost. Rome wasn't built over night and neither was this company. We know the risks, the time, hard work, dedication, talent and creative ability that goes into making this one of the largest Hub designed companies around. 

IBEXCLUSIVE.COM is the future of News, Entertainment, Art, Music, Products and more. The journalism is outstanding, the photos and videos are exclusive, and only here will you get several things with just one stop at the push of a button. To whom much is given, much is required. I give you IBEXCLUSIVE, this is one company that I can sincerely say it was made by the people, for the people. The capabilities are endless. 

For booking of any one of our journalist, artist, models, producers, engineers or entertainers. Fill out the information below and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you for further details and confirmation. Thank You. 


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