2 Women Denied Job For Having 'Ghetto' Names By Missouri Health Company

By                  Cecilio Leacock                      IBexclusive News Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

(IBEXNews) - 2 women in Missouri are outraged after they were allegedly denied a job because of their names.

Dornisha Zachary and Militina Burnett say the company sent them a very offensive email that read, in part, "Thank you for your interest in careers at Mantality Health. Unfortunately, we do not consider candidates that have a suggestive ghetto name. We wish you the best in your career search. Regards."

The women couldn't believe their eyes when they read the email.

"Honestly, right then and there, my eyes got a little teary," Zachary said.

She said she applied for a customer service job using Indeed.com

"The company looked at my name and said, 'We don't care about what you've done in life,'" Zachary said. "'Your name is going to dismiss you completely.'"

Mantality Health's clinic director Jack Gamache told KMOV that the company's account was hacked and that police are currently investigating the situation.

Police said they are looking into the possibility the emails were sent by a disgruntled employee.

Indeed has responded saying there is no evidence to support that hacking occurred.

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