Judge Offers Ultimatum to FedEx Worker Charged with Attempted Murder; 10-Years in Jail on Plea Deal, or Trial

Tyquan Bailey during an arraignment after a March 2018 stabbing attack. (Alec Tabak/for New York Daily News)

By                  Cecilio Leacock                   IBexclusive  Monday, September 09, 2019.

(IBEXNews) - This FedEx worker charged in a stabbing attack while on the job was offered an ultimatum Monday: a plea deal with jail time, or trial.

Manhattan judge Ellen Biben told Tyquan Bailey, 23, to think well and hard about his decision — he’s either to accept a 10-year prison stint with five years of supervision or head to trial on attempted murder and assault charges that carry a possible 5-to-20-year term if convicted.

“The allegations here are very serious,” Biben told Bailey. “Their is video surveillance which makes it a very strong case.”

“Initially our number was 15 years,” said assistant district attorney Elizabeth Clerkin, appearing to indicate the plea deal is a good one. “After the psych report we reduced it to 12 years but at the courts recommendation, we are at 10 years.”

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