Celo - O'shea (New Hit Single)


IBexNews - Emerging as a versatile, stylish and yet conscious rapper; CELO appears to be just warming up.

His latest new single “O’SHEA” has hit hard on many platforms and seems to be continuing to grow rapidly.

O’SHEA has been said to be a piece of work detailing the difference between a woman of good standards and those of poor or weak ones. Explained by Celo himself: “Nowadays in society there has been an increase of underestimating and being mislead by perception over reality.” Deep brother who I can totally agree with. O’SHEA sheds a light on those blessed souls who are misunderstood or not perceived as living a decent lifestyle based on their exterior expression, but in fact are.

Sometimes fashion is misjudged by the creativity of it. It takes general understanding and an open minded soul to get it.

O’SHEA has even taken on it’s own acronym O.S.H.E.A, meaning (Original Sister’s Having Equal Ambitions). Discovered by CELO himself, he already sees the vision and impact empowerment brings to those individuals who lack and those who need to be reminded of their worth.

This is a great song that needs to be shared and feared for it’s realness. I love it!!

Check it out here: https://orcd.co/p5j4mpe (CLICK THE LINK)

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