Catalan referendum: Over 460 already injured as police try to stop voters.


Barcelona's mayor says at least 460 people have been injured as police have used force to try to prevent voting in Catalonia's independence referendum.

The Spanish government has pledged to stop a poll that was declared illegal by the country's constitutional court.

Police officers are preventing some people from voting, and seizing ballot papers and boxes at polling stations.

In the regional capital Barcelona, police used batons and fired rubber bullets during pro-referendum protests.

Police officers have been caught on video pulling women's hair, kicking young and old people with no regards and violently attacking voters flat out. The level of un-humanitarianism is atrocious. 

Sources say so far 12 police officers have been injured and 3 people arrested. They were able to shut down 92 polling stations.

  • Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont said: "The unjustified use of violence... by the Spanish state will not stop the will of the Catalan people"
  • Spain's Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said police had "acted with professionalism and in a proportionate way"
  • Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido blamed Mr Puigdemont for what he termed the day's senseless events
  • The Guardia Civil said it was "resisting harassment and provocation" while carrying out its duties "in defence of the law"

In Girona, riot police smashed their way into a polling station where Mr Puigdemont was due to vote, and forcibly removed those looking to place their ballots. Mr Puigdemont was able to vote at another polling station.

You guys want to know the whole reason for the voting? This is why:

Catalonia, a wealthy region of 7.5 million people in north-eastern Spain, has its own language and culture.

It also has a high degree of autonomy, but is not recognized as a separate nation under the Spanish constitution.

The ballot papers contain just one question: "Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?" There are two boxes: Yes or No.

That's it, and certain officials of government does not want to allow this to happen. What  a shame. What you guys think.