Southern California - Authorities investigate Teacher's distribution of flutes contaminated with semen.

An unnamed teacher has been arrested and is being questioned amid various allegations of sexual misconduct. Among them, potentially thousands of soiled instruments may have been sent to kids as part of a global music program.

The flutes, which are painted by US pupils before being sent to needy children across the world, could have ended up in as many as 13 districts across the south of the state, according to authorities in California. Letters were sent home to parents about the issue. They described the teacher as an "independent contractor," and that the person led the Flutes Across The World program for fifth-grade children aged 10 to 11.

Superintendent Mark Johnson, the head of Fountain Valley School District, said the instruments "were potentially contaminated with bodily fluids" and called on parents to hand them to police.

"You have to read in between the lines, and most likely it's not sweat," one parent said. A dad in Los Angeles told NBC News: "It's disgusting, it's unreal, you can't even really fathom it. It makes me sick to my stomach". "I think there's something really sick going on here", a parent in Fountain Valley district said.

The California Department of Justice is leading the statewide investigation. “As part of the investigation, we are working with local law enforcement and school districts to collect instruments, for the California Department of Justice to process,” a spokesman said.

A statement from the US Postal Service, which was used to send the flutes, said that "protecting children from crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation is a priority."

What happens is this taints other prospective distributors and /or independent contractors. The fact that a major company behind this is disturbing. We're dealing with children here not raccoons. 

If my kid was infected or affected rather by this I would be more appalled than I am now and I would be knocking on doors. Someone has to tell me something right now. Anyhow, what do you guys think?