America Mourns Together Today After The Worst Mass Shooting in US History.

This horrific incident has America mourning today. The loss of over 58 lives and over 500 injured can't be mended swiftly. This is reportedly the worst mass shooting in American history.

This man had a clear mission and motivation to come out and destroy so many lives. Sources say his brother has been talking to the media and claims he is just a normal man and doesn't have ties to any terrorist organization.

In what ever case, this guy clearly did not come out just because he was upset. There had to be a serious emotional situation going through his head for him to reserve this sort of disposition toward life and the well being of others.

Watching the video was just disturbing. It appears he unloaded a whole clip and reloaded twice. The moment he finished shooting and everyone tried to run, he would start to shoot again. People were dropping left and right, one guy said he seen a woman get shot in the head right in front of him.

Emotionally this will be hard to remove from the heart, and the 58 plus lives that were lost is a tragedy we will not get over as American people.

Listen to the White house briefing above. It appears there doesn't seem to be an immediate resolution or if there would there be a review of the gun laws we currently have. Mind you, Trump lifted the military weapon issued law to prevent military weapons to be used by local law enforcement. This is the same law Obama sanctioned to prevent incidents like these.

My problem is you lift a ban, that will allow the underworld market and other sources to get these weapons through to those who have the money and means to get it. Hopefully this will have Trump reevaluate this law and put the ban back on to prevent any future occurrences. 

I've been told blood donors are needed. If you are in the Las Vegas area, please do what you can to assist in this historic tragedy.

Our condolences to those hurt and the family of those who lost their lives in this heinous act of violence.