Vegas shooters brother says "He's just a guy", no terrorist ties.

Reports of a Las Vegas mass shooting arrived recently. Outlets noted that the shooting is the deadliest in American history. The shooting was executed by 64-year-old domestic terrorist Stephen Paddock.

Since then, the brother of Paddock has come out to speak on the situation. While speaking to CBS News, Paddock said “We are completely dumbfounded. We can’t understand what happened.” Paddock then went on to say that his brother was never a military guy, but more of a regular everyday person. He also noted that his brother did have a few guns, but not any automatic weapons. Paddock told CBS, “He’s never even drawn his gun before. He’s just a guy. It’s like an asteroid just fell on top of our family. He had no machine guns when I moved him to Mesquite. Find out who he bought the machine guns from.” Paddock continued by saying “There is no reason we can imagine why Stephen would do something like this. All we can do is send our condolences to the people who died. Just no reason, no warning. As far as we knew, he had enough money to live out the rest of his life in comfort.”

Eric Paddock went on to say that his family is messed up over the entire situation. The man said, “I got a 90-year-old mother whose son just killed 50-plus people and now he’s dead.”