Google versus Amazon: Let the showdown begin. Which would you rather?

So in the next coming months or weeks, depending on how competitive the market become. Google will begin to unveil there latest in technology at an upcoming event this Wednesday in San Francisco.

While it hasn't been stated what they will display, recent leaks and sources point to better phone quality of at least 2 pixel phones, a more advanced home device unit with smart speaker and a new Chromebook laptop.

Now as you know in the past there has always been some sort of technological rivalry between one company or another. For instance, IBM versus Digital, Apple versus IBM, MAC versus Windows; I'm sure you guys know this one, Iphone versus Android.

Well now there a new battle rising of evolutionary technology that will shape the course of things we have been accustomed to most our years. 


Amazon versus Google.

Now with the new wave of hardware Google is set to unleash, we are expecting for Amazon to do a bit of unveiling themselves.

The voice assistant battle, which is playing out through the new hardware, is just one front in a wider war between Amazon and Google. 

The companies already compete directly in cloud computing. Amazon has refused to carryGoogle's Chromecast streaming sticks. It's developed its own version of Android for its tablets and Fire TV devices that doesn't link to Google's Play app store. And Google is trying to displace Amazon as the starting point for online shopping.

Google has also recently teamed up with Walmart for an enable voice shopping via the Google home speaker.

Alexa versus Assistant is perhaps the companies' most visible battle and possibly the most consequential at the end of it all.

On Amazon's end, if it can continue to improve it's already increasing fan base when it comes to Alexa; Google may be in for some big trouble. And hey, if Amazon isn't able to succeed in such a magnitude, they can go back to doing what they been doing; taking over the retail market.

However, Google has been at this a long time and doesn't give an inkling it has any reason to not succeed or put up one hell of a fight.

Assistant's ability to competently handle such queries points to Google's big advantage. No one matches the search giant's prowess at organizing information. And the more useful Google Assistant is — the better it is at answering questions — the less likely it is that consumers will want to use Alexa or any other smart assistant. 

Google's moves to develop Assistant, put it in a range of its own products, and license it for use in others can be seen as a defensive move. It represents the company's effort to thwart the threat posed by Alexa of redirecting consumers to Amazon rather than Google.

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