Simpson Moves Into A 'Not Too Shabby' Las Vegas Mansion After Prison Release.


Is it rounding out to that time where society can put the letters O.J. behind them and move on with our lives? I'm not sure about the next man but I know I sure am. The name has been a staple in communities across the nation for years and hopefully this could just be it.

O.J. Simpson was previously released from prison on parole after only a fraction of a 33-year prison sentence. In 2007, Simpson was arrested after he reportedly had kidnapped and robbed a group of men who had stolen his sports memorabilia. Simpson was paroled on good behavior.

Since then, it was reported that O.J. Simpson was out and about, despite having to face another struggle of owing $70 million to the Goldman family, one of the people he allegedly murdered but found not guilty for in his 1995 trial.

Despite the setback, Simpson made it clear that his focus would be on his family and golf. Because of that, he has allegedly found a new place to stay in a 5,000 square foot home in Las Vegas, right beside a golf course. The person who owns the home is a longtime friend of Simpson according to TMZ. The homeowner reportedly testified for O.J. in the Las Vegas kidnapping and robbery trial in 2007.

The home is located in a private gated community and is almost 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. The house has five and a half bathrooms and five bedrooms. Previously, Simpson told Nevada Parole officials that he had plans on staying in the area for the moment.