Chicago Police Department - Audit reveals over 200 Million in Overtime Abuse And Wasted Hours..

It seems as if the Chicago Police Department might be in some hot water, again. A report from the Chicago inspector general was released that basically states a lot of the taxpayer's money has been going to officers that have been "gaming" the system and collecting overtime checks.

Chicago Inspector General, Joe Ferguson, inspected overtime from 2014 to 2016 and found tens of millions of dollars in overtime claims by police officers. Ferguson found that the CPD was still using a paper system and this has been a big reason why the overtime just slides by. It was also found that $226 million in overtime claims either had generic reasons or had no reason on the overtime form. On top of that, it was also found that $67 million in overtime that was never approved by a supervisor.

Ferguson made the following statement about the report:

“CPD’s historical management of overtime is fundamentally deficient in a number of respects,” Ferguson said. “With respect to controls, the accuracy and completeness of information fed into its existing mechanisms that would allow it to analyze its use of overtime. Our system isn’t working right now.”

Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson made the following statement on Ferguson's findings:

“If a police officer is at the end of his tour, and he drives past a DUI, do you think I’m going to say to him, ‘Ignore that DUI because it may take you into overtime’? The answer is, no, I’m not going to tell him that,” Johnson said. “But can we be better? Yes we can. I don’t want you to walk away here thinking that we don’t look at our overtime. A lot of this stuff we were already reviewing.”