Innocent pedestrian gets struck unconscious behind "knock-out game". (Video)

HP Commission

Police are searching for a Texas teenager caught on camera knocking a man unconscious in what investigators believe was part of the "Knockout Game."

The assault occurred outside of Ruchi's Mexican Grill in the city of Rosenberg, near Houston.

The Rosenberg PD shared footage of the attack taken by a security camera to their Facebook page.

In the attack, a young man identified by police as 18-year-old Alejandro Maldonado is seen approaching the unidentified victim from behind before delivering a vicious sucker punch, knocking off the man's ballcap and sending him to the ground where he appears to land on his face unconscious.

Several witnesses are seen running up to the victim as Maldonado walks away. Police don't believe the teen knew his victim, supporting the theory that the assault was part of a disturbing trend known as the "Knockout Game," which has been around for several years now and consists of the participant approaching a person and knocking them unconscious with a single punch.

"You think it's a game, your friends might peer pressure you into doing something, and it's a serious offense, it's a felony, it's an aggravated assault," police Lt. Chad Pino told ABC 13. "In this case, he sustained some serious injuries, and it's not a game. It's not going to be funny when you're in prison."

Maldonado is wanted for felony aggravated assault.