Suspect chases after and beats on Sheriff for trying to taser and detain him.

Video of a police encounter that backfired on an officer who tried to taser a man in French Camp, CA on Wednesday, October 4, has been making its rounds on the internet. The two-minute-long recording hadn't been up a whole 24-hours when it had eclipsed the 4 million views mark. It was virtually more than 4 million times that the suspect was shown chasing the San Joaquin County sheriff's deputy down.

The woman who filmed the confrontation, Jewel Armstrong, also happened to be the one who called authorities on 22-year-old Yaroub Assad. She is a Costco security guard who had earlier told Assad that he was blocking the store's loading area. Because he allegedly refused to comply with her request entirely, she called for support, and within minutes the deputy arrived to address the matter. After an exchange of words, Assad nudged the deputy aside in an attempt to leave the scene, but he was commanded to halt before he could enter a vehicle he made his way towards.Then within an instance, he fires his stun gun at the suspect, striking him in the shoulder. That's when Assad pulled the device's wire from his arm and began to rush the deputy.

The startled deputy would drop his weapon and dash for it but quickly recovered after Assad retreated to the vehicle once more. After nearly running the deputy over with the car in reverse, Assad crashed into the back of a patrol car, then got out to flee. However, he was apprehended with the help of an additional officer who by that time had arrived on the scene.

Assad was arrested and jailed on charges of vandalism, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

Source: vladtv