Bronx - NYPD officer repeatedly hits teen bike thief in back of head while pinned on another cop. (See Video)

A teenager was pummeled by an NYPD officer after he pushed another cop to the ground during a brawl on a Bronx street that was caught on video and released Saturday.

Alfred Burns, 16, had tried to steal a bicycle in front of a store near 225th St. and Broadway in Marble Hill around 9 a.m. Friday, police said.

The store’s owner, who was following Burns, flagged down a passing patrol and pointed out the teen thief, according to authorities.

Burns pushed one of the approaching officers to the ground and then put his hands on the fallen cop’s neck, police said.

Another unidentified cop can be seen getting on top of the two, wrapping his arms around the teen before winding up and delivering powerful blows to the back of his head, the video shows.

“No, that’s extra!” shouts one man. Others wail in protest as the officer unloads on the teen, according to the video.

“What are you doing!?” a woman shrieks.

A third officer eventually was able to get the teen in handcuffs.

Burns, who lives in the St. Mary's Park Houses in Mott Haven, was charged with assault, larceny, resisting arrest, possession of stolen property and giving a fake name, police said.

Cops said that he may have resisted because he was wanted for a Bronx robbery on July 31.

Burns allegedly followed a 56-year-old inside his building, pulled out a box cutter and demanded cash. He took off running when the victim pointed out a video surveillance system, cops said.

Police said that Burns had been charged on Aug. 8 with two other robberies in the Bronx – including one on the same day as the box cutter heist.

He pulled a knife on a taxi driver and swiped $75, a cellphone and a tablet, cops said.

The video from Friday’s confrontation is being reviewed by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau, according to a police spokeswoman.

Source: dailynews