Detroit Rapper Doughboy Roc of Doughboyz Cashout Fatally Shot and Killed.

Detroit rapper, Doughboy Roc, was fatally shot on the west side of Detroit. Doughboy Roc, of Doughboyz Cashout, was found dead in a white Hyundai near the area Stoepel and Westfield, a block from Livernois sources say. The shooting took place around 3:30pm and he was shot in his right ear and shoulder.

Doughboy's close friend and producer @helluva313, posted this statement on his death on Instagram:

"You shot this video the day before you went to jail at my studio @doughboy_roc we got so wasted of a liter of 1800 and I kept the bottle till you got out, I look at all of y'all young detroit rappers like y'all my little brothers but your really my little brother, you came on crutches to perform for my niece party and told me you'll beat my ass when I tried to pay you, are last conversation I was like dam you don't f*** wit you brother no more and you was like hell I don't be bothering you cuz I know you b busy as hell and I told you, you my brother man I don't give a f*** what I do in life I'll always b there for you, I can't fight back the tears right now I love you bro"

Police are still seeking more information on the shooting.

Doughboy's latest mixtape, Roc VS Balboa, dropped on September 15th and it featured Doughboyz Cashout members Payroll Giovanni, Big Quis, HBK and Doughboy Dre as well as Band Gang Paid Will.

Rest in Peace Doughboy Roc.

Source: CBS Detroit