50 Cent threatens to part ways with Stars and take "Power" with him.

50 Cent who is the executive producer and also stars in the hit series, lashed out on Instagram yesterday over what he says is improper and inadequate treatment from the station. 

What was suppose to be a two part episode turned out to be one mega episode. Apparently there weren't supposed to be the deaths of two instrumental characters within this one last episode this past Sunday night. According to Courtney Kemp who is the shows coordinator, Starz wouldn't agree to extend the order of the episodes.

Kemp stays this mishap took some of the story's elements away. "Power" which is Starz highest rated series was denied pushing the season to 12 episodes which results in action packed episodes. To the fans it's everything they ever wanted, for the series, not so much.

50 Cent has threatened to leave "Power" before. He recently even stated "he feels different about "Power" now. Let's hope for fans sake this gets worked out. Hey, if Starz won't do it, I'm sure another station will. Power in already is 4th season is on its way to a good run if the consistency of quality content continues and everyone works together. 

Cecilio LeacockComment