Footage of South Carolina Officer being shot by suspect on body-cam.

Footage of the near fatal shooting of a South Carolina police officer that was taken by a set of video recording glasses he was wearing was released after the suspect was convicted and handed down a stiff sentence earlier this week.

On New Year's Day of 2016 Estill, SC officer, Quincy Smith began pursuing Malcolm Antwan Orr after Orr refused to stop for questioning in connection with a call about an attempted theft. Smith continuously commanded Orr to halt, but Orr kept walking with one hand shoved in the pocket of his hoodie. Orr rarely looks Smith's way throughout the recording and refuses orders to remove his hands from the sweater. When Smith, who had a taser drawn, finally comes shoulder to shoulder with Orr, Orr pulls out his firearm and begins blasting, hitting Smith in the arm, neck, and torso. The recording continues on to capture Smith radioing in for help as a bystander comes to his aide. He also delivers a message for his family should he have failed to survive the shooting.

Smith remains on medical leave, with hopes of completing his rehabilitation and returning to the force in 2018. On Wednesday, August 9, Orr was found guilty of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He was sentenced to 35 years behind bars.


Warning: This video contains graphic content. This raw video provided by South Carolina prosecutors shows what Estill police officer Quincy Smith saw when he was shot four times while responding to a call in 2016. Smith was wearing a camera in his glasses.