Suge Knight and his Lawyer accused of attempting to bribe Murder Trial witness.

Things are not looking too good for Suge Knight’s upcoming murder trial roomies. Prosecutors have revealed that the former Death Row boss and his attorney Matthew Fletcher are accused of trying to bribe witnesses before the trial starts.

The Los Angeles County DA’s office is reportedly basing the allegations on prison calls between Suge and Fletcher. In the released transcripts of the recorded phone conversations, Fletcher allegedly discussed paying off witnesses to give false testimony.

Suge’s lawyer allegedly offered the “witness” money in exchange for the fake testimony. But it turns out that the witness was actually a jailhouse informant who was working for the DA.

Fletcher has denied the allegations, telling the NY Daily News, “I’ve never paid anyone, period, end of story. As far as I know, [witnesses] haven’t been paid by anyone. I don’t believe Suge Knight has the money to pay anyone.”

Apparently since Suge contacted his lawyer through a third party, the conversations are not protected by confidentiality laws.