Does MTA really stash dead bodies in employee break rooms?

A new report has surfaced alleging that the New York City MTA has been using employee break rooms to temporarily place corpses and dismembered body parts aside until they can be picked up by emergency responders.

The Transport Workers Union, better known as TWU, spoke to NY1 to give insight into the weird and disgusting habit that is allegedly being practiced. The TWU Local 100 Vice President, Derek Echevarria said “You have pieces, you have blood splatter. It could be any contamination or disease.” Echevarria spoke on how nasty the practice is and noted that seeing dead bodies and body parts have been leaving workers scarred. He said, “These are bathrooms, facility rooms, break rooms — anybody can just walk in without notice. And that is another part of ending the service because they're usually sent home by what they've seen, what they've touched."

Sources from the MTA said that the bodies are not stored in breaks, but actually placed in “non-public spaces” until the medical examiner arrives on the scene. The TWU Local 100 shot back by saying it often takes hours for the examiner to come through and have the corpses cleared.