Looks like Diddy may have something on his mind now as he speaks out. #WeAintDoingNoMoreMarching

The racial tension in this country is nearly impossible to ignore. Given recent events, like last weekend's white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, VA it seems like the nation has reached a tipping point. Athletes and Entertainers alike are voicing their opinions on the matter in a way we haven't quite heard before.

In a series of tweets, Diddy told his more than 12 million followers it's important to know our history, especially at this time. His next one reads, "If you do not know who Marcus Garvey is, Google him. He's somebody we should follow during these times." Sean Combs then wrote, "Our goal should be economic independence! Then we won't need to worry about what anybody says!!!" Lastly, he says, "I pray I can be apart of showing my people the way to this goal stay tuned! #BlackExcellence #WeAreKingsAndQueens #WeAintDoingNoMoreMarching." Over on Instagram, Diddy posted a picture of Garvey with this same series of tweets as a caption. He also included pictures of himself and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the hashtags #BlackExcellence and #WeAreKingsAndQueens.

So far, it's unclear exactly what Diddy means, but it looks like the mogul may have a plan up his sleeve. What do you think about his stance?