Meek Mill gets released for motorcycle stunt arrest and assures everyone he's not here to cause any trouble.

After being detained for reckless driving while riding his bike in New York City, Meek Mill was released from jail today. While exiting the courtroom, the rapper spoke with some reporters. "I'm not here in New York to commit no criminal activities. I came to see the high school kids play basketball and that was that" the Philly native explained.

Then when asked what he wanted people to know about him, he responded, "I'm a working man. I'm a family man. I take care of my family. I started off with a rough life. I'm at a point where I can provide for my family, and I'm going to continue to do so."

Thank you Meek Mill for that strong vote of confidence in you. We will look forward to more that you're doing for the community. I'm just saying.

Watch the video below.

Source: TMZ