Trey Songz - 18 months probation for disturbing the peace.

Trey Songz escaped jail time in his assault case in Detroit on Friday, August 18, as the R&B singer and the Wayne County circuit judge overseeing proceedings reached a deal that would reduce his charges to two counts of disturbing the peace in exchange for a guilty plea.

Last December, Trey blew his top upon learning that he had to wrap up and leave after his show at Joe Louis Arena was stopped early. In the moments after returning to his dressing room from having just destroyed the stage, Trey was approached by the police, at which point he got into a dispute that ended with him allegedly punching one officer in the head. Trey would be charged with a felony count of assaulting a police officer and a misdemeanor count of aggravated assault; both of which could have landed him behind bars for a few years.

Trey has been sentenced to 18 months of non-reporting probation over the incident. He will also have to complete a substance abuse screening, along with anger management classes.

Source: TMZ