Jay Z says Kanye crossed the line by mentioning his family. What was he thinking?

When it comes to what exactly caused the rift between himself and Kanye West, JAY-Z has largely remained quiet. In a new, hour-long interview currently on Tidal, JAY-Z finally addresses it.

We know that West hasn't bitten his tongue in regards to the Brooklynite. You probably remember West ranting about him on stage last year.

Jay says in part, "You got hurt because this person was talking about you on a stage. But what really hurt me was, you can't bring my kids and wife into it. Like, Kanye's my little brother. He's talked about me 100 times. He made a song called 'Big Brother.' We've gotten past bigger issues. But you brought my family into it, now it's a problem with me. That's a real, real problem. And he knows it's a problem. Because me and him would've been talked about it. We would've been resolved our issues."

Although they usually do bump heads, Jay admits he and 'Ye have never gone this long without talking. Jigga feels like he knows Kanye crossed the line.

This isn't the only topic S. Carter discusses during the interview. He also talks about troubles he ran into recording 4:44 and addressed that infamous elevator scenario with Beyonce's little sister, Solange. Watch the clip below. 

Source: Instagram