Beyonce wants stakes in The Houston Rockets?

So so so, Bey reportedly has shown her interests in buying into The Houston Rockets sources say. This wont be the first time her or her husband Jay-z shown interests in sports teams, in fact even holding shares from some in the past. 

Jay-z who not to long ago sold his shares of The Brooklyn Nets to further his career and grow his company becoming a sports agent with Roc Nation Sports, knows this oh too well. 

With the trade of Chris Paul and possibilities of Carmelo Anthony coming over to join him and James Harden, this will definitely be the place to be; or should I say, invest in. The Houston born star will surely make her presence felt even though she doesn't plan to become the majority share holder.

The Houston Rockets is presently worth 1.65 billion according to Forbes. I'm quite sure Mrs. Carter can bring something to the table besides crazy sold out seat sales. The big 3 has already put Houston back on the map as a contender for the the Championship. This is like the icing on the cake in my book.

Cecilio LeacockComment