Kanye files $10 Million dollar law suit against insurers.

Yeezy apparently feels he's been snubbed out of his money from the cancelled "Saint Pablo" tour. and now files a suit with his insurance company Lloyds of London. The small irony is Kanye cancelled the show due to health and mental issues disappointing hundreds and thousands of fans, but now he's the victim. Although, in order to receive the insurance payout for the remaining dates, he was to submit himself to an under oath interrogation to prove his claim.

What seems to be the problem now is these various syndicates believe his drug use played a part in his mental breakdown and they don't feel or see their liability in the matter. No determination has been made regarding the pay out or whether there will be one. In making their decision if Kanye's marijuana use becomes the issue or reason, that will give them an affirmed cause to deny him. 

Cecilio LeacockComment