The 2 camps of Mayweather and McGregor clashed this past Tuesday in Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor were just opening up the final run of their promotion for their impending fight this weekend. And on Tuesday, August 22, sparks were already flying. Awaiting Conor McGregor's presence outside of Vegas' T-Mobile Arena was Pauli Malignaggi, who stepped up to confront the UFC champ about the pictures and video his camp has leaked from their sparring sessions weeks ago. Although they would exchange words, Malignaggi was alone and McGregor brushed him off. Earlier on in the afternoon, however, McGregor's camp crossed paths with Mayweather's camp, and the encounter didn't go over quite as swiftly.

McGregor had been on his way towards the outdoor Toshiba Plaza stage to speak to attendees, and Mayweather was leaving from having just said his piece. Rather than move past one another, the two groups slowly gravitated towards one another and a fracas broke out with Mayweather and McGregor right in the middle of it. By the looks of it, the competitors didn't really get dirty in the dust up, but the moment certainly brought about some tension heading into their weigh in on Friday. 

Watch below.