Jon Jones - Teamates say he was drugged and set up.

Fight fans were greeted with news that brought them back to 2016 on Tuesday, August 22, when it was reported that Jon Jones tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. The UFC star has long had his battles with substance abuse, and as recently as July of last year, failed a PED test, which at the time knocked him off of the card that was supposed to feature him taking on his nemesis Daniel Cormier in UFC 200. Learning that Jones had once again violated USADA terms was hard to believe, considering all he's come back from; but not a shocker. Teammate and trainer Frank Lester is shocked though. In fact, he says it "makes no sense" that Jones would do such a thing, given what he knows, and is going out on the limb to charge that Jones' future is being sabotaged.

"This is a set up, straight up, no athlete would test clean his entire fight camp, and then randomly take some cheap f**king oral steroid betweens weigh ins and fight night knowing he would be tested once he got done fighting," Lester wrote in a message posted to his Facebook page on Tuesday, August 22. "This is a straight set up. They are trying to ruin this kids life. It makes no sense and Jon wouldn't do it," he said.

According to Lester, the kind of drug Jones is being accused of taking is one which is induced orally. He argues that the steroid takes weeks to build into a performance enhancer, and in having that knowledge, Lester says he doesn't see why Jones would take the risk. The Jackson-Wink Academy coach says he was with Jones throughout his camp and witnessed the hard work he put into training after successfully passing tests for clomiphene and letrozol only weeks before the fight.