Meek Mill and Live Nation Charged in an alleged "Wrongful Death" suit.

Meek Mill and Live Nation have reportedly posed defenses against allegations that they are responsible for two killings that occurred after a show the Philly rapper performed at in Connecticut in December. In recently filed court documents, Meek challenges claims made by one of the victims who says that his lyrics and the way he moves helped incite the violence on that deadly Winter night. Live Nation has also refuted the claimant's charge that the company enabled the violence.

Four people were shot outside of the Oakdale, which Live Nation runs. The victims say that they believe the spurt of violence would have never taken place had Meek allegedly steered clear of performing aggressive material, and had organizers kept loiterers from lingering after the show. In the wrongful death suit, which was filed earlier this year, lyrics to Meek's "Tony Montana (Freestyle)" were cited as an example of one of the sources that they believed influenced the shooting. In doing so the victims characterized Meek's fans as "thugs" in their documentation.

Live Nation is now countering the suit under the premise that the plaintiff was a bit too comfortable using painting the defendant in a racist light with such buzzwords as "thug."


Cecilio LeacockComment