Safaree's Uncle stabbed to death in his home in California.

Safaree took to Instagram to vow that he will live in the service of his beloved uncle, after learning that he had been found murdered in his home early Friday, August 25. He also used the social media platform to put out a call for anyone who might know something to come forward for the sake of bringing his killer to justice, in the heartfelt message.

“You were always so proud of me and proud I was your nephew… I’m Numb right now.. I’m only doing this because I want to bring awareness to some1 killing my uncle vern Vincent Roper and getting them caught,” he wrote. “Palmdale California isn’t that big of a place so I know someone knows what happened and you will be caught. Can’t remember the last time I felt pain like this. Can’t stop crying.. everything I do is gonna be for you.”

Roper's 64-year-old body was found shortly after 8 a.m. when friends Marquisha and Anthony Kirklin headed over to check up on him after he uncharacteristically failed to respond to a succession of text messages. When they arrived they followed the tracks of muddy footprints up to his residence and upon peering into Roper's window saw the home in disarray, with broken picture frames and blood stains on the furniture.

Roper, who worked in the flooring business, is being described by loved-ones as a kind, gentle and generous man who they cannot imagine would have done anything to bring harm upon himself. "He's not a problematic person," Safaree has said. "He's just, you know, a working man. I don't know who could have done this. He doesn't have any enemies. He's not that kind of person."

So far no suspects have been identified. An investigation into the fatal invasion is ongoing.


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