Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" is quickly taking over the charts at #1 on several outlets including Itunes.

Cardi B is taking over NYC apparently as numbers indicate. The Bronx born rapper recently releases her first hit single, which is rapidly climbing the charts. "Bodak Yellow" which has become an anthem to many and can be heard across streets all over, is currently #1 on Itunes and surfacing at about 49 on the Hot 100 charts. 

Her song is in high demand in New York, numbers indicate, and not so much in other states that, well let's just say, that we support. Although, recent records show the rise of "Bodak Yellow" in other major states as well such as Miami and Atlanta. 

There has been several tweets and statements made from huge entertainers that support the Bronx Beauty. This may be the start of something special. Cardi B who is currently signed with Atlantic Records is starting to see what success tastes like. She's presently #1 on Soundcloud and has pulled in over 1.5 million downloads since her release of the song back on June 16th.

Cecilio LeacockComment