Suge Knight indicted on charges for making "death threats" to Straight out of Compton director F. Gary Gray

It appears these threats were made months prior to the "run down" arrest of Suge Night after killing the friend of the director, in a released video that shows Suge driving over the victim. 

We learned the threats were made during the shooting of the film in where Suge Knight was displeased in his portrayal in the movie. The only disturbing thing about this is the indictment is dated several months ago. Why did they take this long to bring it up and arraigne him for it.

Could the prosecution be running out of time and options here in the murder case looming over Knight? What ever the case may be, he will be arraigned today on these new charges which will surely be in the prosecutions favor. Let's see if his defense can make an official argument regarding the time gap to sway the momentum back to their side. There always seem to be a gray area with these high profile cases. 

Cecilio LeacockComment