Houston - Best Buy Chain apologizes for charging people $43 for water.

Best Buy issued an apology after one of its Houston stores was caught selling cases of water for ridiculously high prices. A photo showed 12 packs of SmartWater advertised for $29.98 each, while a 24 pack of Dasani was going for $42.96.

Immediately after the photo appeared online, social media accused Best Buy of taking advantage of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Many people are currently struggling to find food, shelter, and water. Best Buy had this to say,

"This was a big mistake on the part of a few employees at one store on Friday. As a company we are focused on helping, not hurting affected people. We're sorry and it won't happen again. Not as an excuse but as an explanation, we don't typically sell cases of water. The mistake was made when employees priced a case of water using the single-bottle price for each bottle in the case."

Source: complex.com

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