The Savages Lawyer up on R Kelly to bring daughter home safely.

As you may already know, R Kelly has been rolling in controversy and bad publicity since his earlier days. Now, he's still up to his neck in lawyers and civil rights coming on the recent accusations of him running a sex cult from his home. 

Apparently, the family of  the 22 year old Jocelyn Savage has recently hired attorneys to get their daughter back. It appears Gerald A. Griggs and Lief Howard will lead the battle in rescuing the Savage's daughter. Jocelyn who is of age, hasn't been since for about a year, her family told sources.

They believe she's being held without her full consent, R Kelly targets females underage and abuses them. They even went as far as to comparing his relationship to them as "slavery".

Truth be told, of course her family misses her but first off, she is an adult, she's not looking to go home, there's obviously the issue of why she left and hasn't called in the first place and sorry, but this type of stuff happens everyday. People find love or what they believe to be love and leave everything behind. In this case it happened to be with a high profile celebrity, with a history we all know too well. 

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