Power season heating up! Recap of Ep. 7 "You lied to my face".

What’s done in the dark will come to the light” should be the mission statement for episode 7 of Powertitled “You Lied To My Face” Many of the deep secrets that we’ve known for months are slowly rising to the surface. How will our favorite character cope with these newly discovered facts?

Ghost and Tommy throughout the entire episode are transparent with one another. Ghost meets Tommy to explain why he had to rob the stash house, and Kanan’s involvement. Tommy, in turn, reveals how Kanan initially sent a ransom text to Tasha before Tariq belayed their worries by claiming it was a practical joke. When Ghost confronts Tasha about the ransom

When Ghost confronts Tasha about the ransom text, and reveals that Kanan is still alive, all the dirty laundry spills to the floor. Tasha berates Ghost about cheating with Angela and the affects its had on Tariq. Ghost’s retort “I didn’t leave the family, I left you” burned Tasha soul with the heat of 1000 suns. They also lament on not killing Kanan (as Tasha suggested years ago). All the while, soon to be NOT innocent Rayna overheard.

Tasha has played many roles throughout her relationship with Ghost. She’s been the wife, the co-conspirator, the financial planner, the motivator, the mother, and now the image amplified. During the national TV interview Stern set up to repair Ghost’s image, Tasha as the  “forgiving wife who was the victim of adultery,” made Ghost endearing to viewers by painting him as a good man looking for redemption.

All of this made possible by Silver’s coaching. The sexual tension between the two reached a boiling point, as Tasha finally said “f*ck it” and slept with Silver…

We see a fun side of Tasha at the Karaoke spot, belting the powerful ballads of Mariah Carey.  Tasha is through playing roles and now wants to live her best life, on her terms. Living that life by sleeping with your Husband’s former defense attorney doesn’t seem prudent, however.

Tariq has been lambasted on social media for his incompetence and petulant complaining. Viewers wondered aloud how a kid could be so naive and disobedient that he’d quickly befriend a stranger that claims to know his dad, and follow him down a path of crime. Well, unless they forgot their teenage years, this episode reminds us of Tariq and Rayna’s tumultuous journey through this season. Tariq and Rayna have lived through an affair, a separation, their father’s incarceration and the ruse of the fake rekindling of their parent’s marriage. The veil has lifted on their “perfect home”, and they know what Ghost and Tasha truly do from 9-5. They have to deal with being raised by drug dealing, murderous parents who’ve lied to them at every step. Tariq wants the real, and witnesses every important person in his life embellish and avoid the facts. Rayna tries to develop a possible escape to boarding school, but Tariq will hear none of it. Who knows where Tariq quest for answers will lead him. If his troublesome lean addiction and defiant attitude are any indication of future events, it doesn’t look good.

Tommy wants answers about the Kanan situation and confronts Dre. Dre feigns ignorance to Kanan being alive, and manufactures worry for Julio’s disappearance. They discover Julio’s body in the warehouse, as a result of the Toros Locos. Dre, ever the opportunist, asks Tommy to make him the DISTRO, not even 24 hours after Julio’s murder. Tommy agrees and sets up a meeting with Uriel and the Toros Locos. During the meeting, they offer a “sacrifice” of Julio’s alleged murderer, but that isn’t enough. Tommy organizes another meeting with the Jiminez family. Tommy wants the territory back from the original Julio deal, expansion and access to LA ports. He also confronts Ghost about killing Markham and the wire taps, while Ghost confesses to killing a US Marshall and his debt he had to repay to Teresi: A call from Tommy himself. With a possible turf war on his hands, and the confirmed revelation that Teresi is his father, Tommy has a lot on his hands going forward.

Angela, Saxe and Sandoval are trying to save their careers after Mak tells them about the pending investigation. Sandoval, our true mole, makes a case for Donovan planting the murder weapon in Truth. Angela, unwavering in her devotion to clear her name, meets with Donovan to convince him that Ghost didn’t kill Knox and the true killer is still at-large. Donovan is hesitant to believe, but trusts Angela and gathers evidence for their review. While reviewing security footage in Truth, they discover Sandoval walking to the second floor moments before the cameras were shut down. Saxe shows up to clear his name and implicate Donovan in Knox’s murder as per Sandoval’s speculation, only to find Donovan in her apartment! Their collaboration, along with Sandoval on the hunt to kill Donovan, will make this an interesting race to end of the season.

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