Rihanna in Barbados! (IBExclusive)

We all know about the controversial love triangle that is currently circulating involving the Bajan Superstar Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and her ex Drake, but that doesn't ever seem to bother her. Attending this years annual Grand Kadooment carnival in Barbados, Rihanna was looking as stunning as ever. Sparkling from head to toe, Rihanna stole the show.

With teal color hair, rhinestones, feathers and the sexiest outfit ever, how can she lose? This was not the first year Rihanna attended the annual event. Although for some reason there was a certain glow on her this time around, maybe she's actual happy this year with her new relationship? Or maybe she just keeps her eyes on the prize despite the distractions. Either way she's on top her game and this look has her glowing, literally. 

No word yet as to if she and Meek Mills will actually put out a diss song but that and everything else will have to wait. Rihanna flaunts her look and beauty as she knows best. Despite the rumors that she's jealous of Drake spending so much time with Nick Minaj, she is still the center of attention to many, regardless if a record comes out or not.

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