Hillary Clinton on Trump Inauguration Speech was actually a rallying "cry from the white nationalist gut".

Hillary Clinton thinks Donald Trump's Inauguration speech was actually a rallying cry for white nationalists ... and she blurted that out on national television. 

HC was being interviewed by CBS Sunday, reflecting on her election loss (again) when she started describing the conundrum of whether she oughta show to Trump's Inauguration -- y'know, 'cause she lost to him ... but is also a former First Lady.

That's when she gets to her "out of body" experience on the platform listening to Trump's first speech as Prez ... which calls a "cry from the white nationalist gut."

Basically ... she thinks Trump squandered an opportunity to unite the country, and instead played to his base with harsh rhetoric ... and, apparently, white nationalist sentiments. 

We'll let Hil (and Trump) speak for themselves.