Man jumps out of 2nd story window to avoid Police Officers coming to Arrest him.

You have got to watch this video. It's hilarious.

Two police officers in England approach a home's door and use a battery ram to break it down. A third officer emerges from the back of the house just as the door has been busted open. One yells, "Police!" and they all go inside. Seconds later a man drops to his feet, jumping from the home's second story window. Without missing a beat, he runs off. The 35-second video cuts off right after that. However, it's a bit surprising that none of the cops turned around considering they'd just gone in and the sound of someone jumping off of a roof onto concrete is pretty loud.

As it turns out, that man got away. This is according to the man who filmed the clip, Jack Hulme. Hulme told The Leigh Journal he was working across the street when he noticed the police van pull up and saw them take out the ram. That's when he started recording. Hulme says the cops were unaware the man fled. Police did arrest two others who were in the house.

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