7 Months Pregnant Brooklyn Teen Shot In The head In Front Her Building.

This past Sunday, news broke that a 19-year-old pregnant woman was shot in the head in broad daylight while in Brooklyn. According to reports, she was found in front of her home in Crown Heights, with a bullet wound in her head. The NY Post reported that Tytianna Sparks was by Dean Street and Howard Avenue when shots rang off around 12:45 PM. From there, the young woman was found by a neighbor who immediately helped her out. 64-year-old Louis Leak told the news “I heard the shots and then screaming. I ran down to the corner and saw the body. She was lying between two cars, and she didn’t look like she was alive to me. She bleeding out.” He went on to say, “She looked bad. There was a lot of blood. Her relatives ran over and were screaming ‘Oh, Lord, she’s been shot.’”

From there, the young woman was taken to the Brookdale University Hospital. She was in critical condition when she arrived. According to NY Daily News, the woman is doing better, and her child is also in good condition as well. Police have been looking into the situation, but are not sure of what the motive is, or if the pregnant woman was supposed to be the target of the broad daylight shooting. So far, no arrests have been made, and the investigation into the shooting will continue.

Source: NY Post