Hurricane Irma Leaves 5 reported dead and 6 Million without power.

Hurricane Irma’s impact on tropical islands in the Caribbean reportedly left 24 dead, and many people displaced as their homes were destroyed. Since then, the storm has hit Florida in a major way. Many Florida residents are making their way back to the state to see just how much damage was caused by the monstrous hurricane. Although the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm, the aftermath had grim results.

According to reports, five people were pronounced dead as a result of the hurricane and its impact. One person was found dead in a Florida Keys home. Although five deaths were reported so far, a total number of fatalities has not been stated yet, as the damage caused by the storm has not been fully assessed. Along with that, up to six million people are without power because storm surges. The surges hit downtown Miami and put the city underwater, and also managed to blow the roof off of many homes because of the powerful winds. Despite the hurricane moving away from the Florida area, Governor Rick Scott said it is still too dangerous for Florida residents to return to their homes from evacuation or go outside if they stayed in their homes.