Swizz Beats - Laughs off $16 Million dollar lawsuit on luxury cars.

Producer Swizz Beatz is reportedly headed to court, but the 38-year-old Bronx native doesn’t seem too worried about it.

On Friday (September 8), the beatsmith was reportedly struck with a $16.15 million lawsuit after allegedly reselling or fraudulently using luxury cars, including a $155,000 Range Rover and a Ferrari F12 worth nearly $600,000, according to the New York Post.

Swizz responded to the latest lawsuit on Sunday (September 10) in an Instagram post.

“Swipe!!! If these fools lost the 1st case for 42million and it got tossed out of federal court what make them think they would win 16mill GTFOH it’s Virgo season now stop the Sh@t! They just mad Hova said when Swizz Dance it’s over Blessings on Blessings,” Swizz wrote in the caption.

Swizz’s lawyer Mathew West is confident the suit is “nothing more than a desperate attempt to shake down a public figure.”

Metro Gem’s attorney Paul Solda says the new lawsuit claims AK Worldwide, Swizz’s company with wife Alicia Keys, allegedly continued driving cars after defaulting on their leases and dodged the repo man.

Swizz faced a similar lawsuit last year when he was sued by Metro Gem Leasing and Funding Corp after he leased 10 cars from them over the span of three years. He allegedly worked with former business partner Macky Dancy of Dancy Auto Group to distribute the vehicles to third parties for a much higher cost.

In a statement to HipHopDX, Swizz referred to himself and his Swizz Beatz Productions as “innocent pawns.”

The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.

Source: hiphopdx.com