Miami Police bust looters of Hurricane Harvey and post their pictures online as warning.

Miami PD made an example out of Hurricane Irma looters. The Miami Police Department posted an image on Facebook of what appears to be 10 looters inside of a cell with the caption,"Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that tuned out. #Stayindoors."

Miami-Dade Police said that approximately 28 people have been arrested for burglary/looting. Yesterday, thieves were caught on camera looting Foot Locker in Miami during the Hurricane. The police arrived on the scene and the looters fled through the parking lot leaving the shoes. Police also arrested 9 looters at Simon’s Footwear and pawn shop in Fort Lauderdale during the hurricane.

Police Chief Rick Maglione commented on the situation, "Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice. Stay home and look after your loved ones and be thankful they are all safe."

Another instance of two teens being caught looting a home in Miami after the homeowners alerted police that they saw someone on their surveillance system while they were out of town. One of the teens was shot by a South Florida deputy and the other was taken into custody.