Young Joc responds to being seen wearing a dress in public.

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc recently posted a video on Instagram responding to being seen wearing a dress in public. Joc, known for his smash hit song "It's going down" and his role in the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, has been receiving a lot of heat from social media for some of his recent fashion choices. Last year, the rapper chose to sport a new hair do that caused many people on social media to go in on the ATL representer. Obviously, after awhile things cooled down and Joc was no longer getting as much flack for his hair due. Fast forward to recent times, Yung Joc was spotted in California wearing a blue dress. The internet, which remains undefeated, began circulating the image and Yung Joc was back in the center of attention once again. He didn't wait long before issuing a response to the people making jokes and comments about the recently surfaced pictures. In the video, Joc refutes claims to being apart of Illuminati and addresses accusations of him selling his soul. After alluding to "show" that is supposedly coming out, Joc goes on to vaguely say that he "fu--ed around, some sh-- went down and he ended up in a dress." After saying that if he had a shield, spear and a belt while wearing a dress that he might look like spartan, Yung Joc then goes on to encourage people to stop being so judgmental.


Cecilio LeacockComment