DJ Clue responds to comments made by Funk Flex calling him "Wack".

Funkmaster Flex called DJ Clue a wack DJ earlier this week, and the mixtape legend wasted no time clapping back.

Clue took to social media and mocked Flex for his ability to “clear the dance floor.” “The Clowns Are back out careful out there! think they talking after the smoked that K2 or something,” tweeted Clue underneath a clown picture. “Mr. #ClearTheDanceFloor got my name in his mouth SMH! Can’t stop talking bout me..when no one wants to interview you, u just create your own.” Clue was responding to comments made by Flex earlier this week when he spoke with ThisIs50. “I respect Clue. [He’s] a good guy. But you know what he has trouble with? He’s a wack DJ,” Flex said. “He should make an effort to change that perception.” Flex went on to explain how he’s pegged for talking too much and how he is conscious of that. He believes Clue should take “wack DJ” criticism into consideration and begin sharpening his skills. “When the battle stuff comes up, they’re doing that to you because they know you’re wack on the set,” Flex continued. “If you do not take your craft serious enough to practice at it, then it’s cool. It’s no diss to him. He’s a mixtape DJ and he’s a great producer.”


Cecilio LeacockComment