Baltimore Man pleads guilty to stomping 4 puppies to death in front kids, faces 6 years.

A Baltimore man has pleaded guilty to stomping four puppies to death because he was upset at the noise they were making while he was sleeping.

According to the New York Daily News, in November of 2016, 22-year old Donald Yearwood was asleep in the basement of a home and was awakened by the yelps of puppies upstairs. The puppies, who only a few weeks old, were playing with several children inside the home.

According to police reports, Yearwood, irate by the playful commotion, went upstairs, dumped the puppies out of their box to the floor and proceeded to stomp on the heads, all in front of the children. 

After the violent outburst, Yearwood threw the animals down the basement stairs, while the children ran from the home. After neighbors called the police, Yearwood collected the animals and discarded their remains in a nearby dumpster.

A few hours later, police received a call from a concerned woman who reported that her children found the box of puppies. Following an investigation by police, Yearwood turned himself in, admitting only to tossing the puppies down the stair. However, traces of blood found and an examination of the dead animals indicated they were beaten.

On the horrific crime, Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby said, "The facts of this case are disturbing first and foremost for its pure depravity but secondly, for performing such a deranged act in front of children." Yearwood was charged with 24 counts of animal cruelty and mutilation. He is facing six years in prison.