California - McDonalds cashier gives birth and attempts to flush baby down toilet.

A California woman is behind bars and facing an attempted murder charge for attempting to flush her newborn baby down the toilet at her workplace. And in a sad twist, it has been discovered that the woman in question did the same thing at home following the birth of her child three years ago.

Co-workers were reportedly tipped off that something was wrong with Sarah Lockner, 25, on September 4, when after frequenting the bathroom for hours on end, the amount of time she spent away from assignment at the register became a cause for concern. Upon opening the restroom door to check on Lockner, one colleague noticed blood on the floor. When a second co-worker rushed in behind her, she got closer and went out of her way to get a look at why Lockner had her back to them. It was then that she noticed Lockner's hand on the back of an infant, whose face was being submerged in the toilet.

When authorities arrived at the Redwood City McDonald's, they were able to take the baby into custody alive, although the child is said to have lost a pulse and stopped breathing at one point. The child is likely to have sustained a brain injury, according to doctors. Lockner, on the other hand, was taken to jail, where she remains on $11 million bail.