Man arrested 30 years later after the disapearance of his wife.

Donna Mae Jokumsen has been missing since 1987. She went missing the same day she split with her husband, Kevin Jokumsen and he never reported her missing. Instead, it was Donna's mother who reported her missing a week after she told her parents that she would be moving back with her two sons.

Donna and Kevin were married for three years when she went missing. But he didn't seem really concerned when she went missing which lead to an investigation but unfortunately, nothing solid was found so the case remained open until now.

Donna was classified as a missing person but in 2013, the detectives reviewed the evidence from the initial investigation:

“All living witnesses were re-interviewed and new witnesses, who were either not identified or did not come forward during the original investigation, were interviewed,” CPD Detective Seth Tyler said. “Coupled with the fact there is no evidence to suggest Donna Mae is still alive, investigators believe Donna Mae died at the hands of Kevin Jokumsen.”

The investigation led to Kevin's arrest on Wednesday and he's being held at King County Jail while he awaits extradition to Arizona. He was indicted earlier this year and was arrested on Aug. 31st on suspicion of second-degree murder.

We'll keep you all posted as this story develops.