San Diego - Hepatitis A breakout causes authorities to douse streets with bleach.

A Hepatitis A outbreak of historic proportions has swept across San Diego over the past several weeks. At least 421 people have been sickened, 292 of which were hospitalized due to the illness. So far, 16 people are dead, and officials are doing everything in their power to prevent that number from inflating.

More than 21,000 citizens have been vaccinated since the city declared a state of emergency on September 1. Meanwhile, city cleaning crews were ordered to douse the sidewalks and streets, particularly in parts where homeless people dwell, in bleach. It is estimated that some 65 percent of those who've been sickened are of the homeless population. Bleach is said to kill bacteria and sanitize areas where fecal matter/ or traces of it, and other means of transmission may be present. Public notices have also been distributed to encourage citizens to continually wash their hands so as to keep from potentially spreading the bug.

The status of someone who has contracted Hepatitis A may change from mild to severe. They may experience loss of appetite, Malaise, diarrhea, nausea, fever, jaundice, severe abdominal pain, and other indicators that serve as a signal from the body that something is wrong.

Source: CNN