Rikers Island C.O sentenced to 30 years in prison for kicking sick inmate to death..

Recently, a former Rikers Island correctional guard was sentenced to 30 years in prison for fatally kicking a sick inmate in the head as he was being held on the ground by other officers.

In 2016, Brian Coll was convicted for violating the civil rights of 52-year-old Ronald Spear. According to reports, in 2012, Coll repeatedly kicked Spear in the head during a confrontation about going to the jail's Infirmary. Spear, who suffered multiple illnesses including end-stage kidney failure, on multiple occasions was denied treatment. As his fellow guards held a defenseless Spear to the ground, according to testimony, Coll kicked him as if he was "kicking a field goal."

After Spear died from his injuries, Coll plotted with his fellow officers to paint Spear as the aggressor- claiming he came at them with a cane. Despite the fact that local courts refused to charge any of the guards in the attack, Federal civil rights charges were eventually filed. During his trial, a guard who was involved in the incident said Coll told Spear as he lay beaten, “This is what you get for f**king with me. Remember I did this.”. According to prosecutors, Coll even kept a framed news article of Spear's death a "trophy."

Coll was found guilty on multiple charges, including death resulting from deprivation of rights, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice. During closing arguments, prosecutor Brooke E. Cucinella said: "This is a case about wielding power against those that are helpless, when they are at their most vulnerable when they are weakest, held down on the floor, arms behind their back, and getting away with it because you can."

Source: ebony.com

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